Get a quotation for your bathroom renovation fast and competitive.

Get a quotation for your bathroom renovation fast and competitive.

Are you looking for a bathroom contractor that has more than 10 years experience in the industry? We have renovated bathrooms throughout Cape Town and the Boland areas. Our approach is easy and scale-able according to your renovations needs. We also work on new bathroom installations. We have a lot who stay in other cities in South Africa and through their local department store they selected their bathroom items: Baths, Toilets, Tiles, Taps and we installed that into their new bathrooms through stores in Cape Town.

If you are looking for a seamless bathroom renovation, talk to us:

Demolition: Removing old items.

Plumbing: Installation of new plumbing and bathroom items.

Waterproofing: For new showers.

Structural and Surface Preparation: We prepare the surfaces for tiling and build the new shower floors or any other structural work needed.

Ceilings: Most of the time the cornices needs replacing when tiling all the way to the ceiling.

Painting: Painting of ceiling or walls with a waterproof undercoat.


For glass, electrical and tiling we can give you access to good installers who are very affordable and reliable. We can however manage the complete project for you at a small additional fee.

Give us a call to come and look at your project. We can make suggestions the layout, design style and quality products that will last a life time. Our quotations and advise is free.


Complete new installations


Complete renovation services